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Sunday, July 08, 2007
Photos from the Tour De France '07 here

X enjoys the race

Street Art

The Caravan arrives.

X lets rip. That boy can squeal.

Tyre car

The Haribo Truck, rotting teeth everywhere

The topiary cyclists

Kangeroo Cyclists

Tyres. Cars. Tyre Cars!

Bottled car.

X and E

Bin cars

Here they come!

Leaders of the pack - the first three riders

The Peloton

And the race is underway

Bicycling at high gear.

I was very briefly on ITV4's coverage as well.

I know it's riddled with drugs and all, but the Tour de France is just a magical even...even now.

I'm very jealous.


(and hello, by the way... I'm catching up, slowly)
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