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Friday, July 27, 2007
Why don't you just....?
Nobody asked me to blog. Not me, or anyone else. I started it because it seemed like a good little idea that might be interesting. Boy, did that backfire. The blog has been responsible for, frankly, a lot of shit I could do without. I'll tell you about it one day.

All I ask visitors here is one thing : do not use this against me. Accept that I do not have to do this, and do this because I want to. This blog and anything else I may have said is not designed to be a weapon to be used against me, nor should it be. Because, amongst other things, to do so is to reveal your lack of honourable intentions : you show yourself with what you do and you are the lesser if you try to use this against me. If you ever came to my blog with the intention of stitching me up, or reading into it something that wasn't there, or using it as a weapon, then Fuck Off and treat me with respect. I've kept my mouth shut politely and only thought what I wanted to say for a while now.

I don't use the word often, but I think it refelects the lack of respect you're showing me if you've ever trawled the net looking for ways to get at me : FUCK OFF.

I used to think I wasn't important enough to anyone for them to even try. I'm under no illusions about my status in the world (smallish), and my importance in this world (not very), and so it is annoying when I get singled out for attention I neither deserve, want, have asked for or sought, or warrant.

Apart from you benign, lovely readers. You can stick around. I like you. x

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