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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
The Roar Of The Wimp

Apparently we're leaving Iraq. Nice to see the Americans behaving graciously about it...." the simpering, flouncing, kilt-wearing British people do something that exposes them for the effeminate, Jesus-hating Shakespeare-quoters they truly are." 1342 comments about it, some from skirt-wearing, lilly-livered liberal Brits. The Religious fundamentalists get served.

The Poison of Violence. Fear controls us. What I have learnt is that we are allowed, legally, to intervene to prevent an attack. Hooray. Chickenshits of the world unite.

The Bubble Project is an interesting thing..."Our communal spaces are being overrun with ads. Train stations, streets, squares, busses, and subways now scream one message after another at us. Once considered "public," these spaces are increasingly being seized by corporations to propagate their messages solely in the interest of profit. We the public, are both target and victim of this media attack. The Bubble Project is the counterattack."

"More than half of employers say school leavers often cannot function in the workplace due to a lack of basic maths and literacy" according to the BBC. Well gee whizz. Education these days seems to be about hitting targets and getting everyone through OFSTED inspections, not equipping people with the skills one needs for life. As longa s schools get their funding for next year by passing a meaningless target, that's all that matters.

All for now, later. x

To be called a Jesus-hating Shakespeare-quoter wouldn't be that much of an insult, would it?
The Baptist site has got to be a parody site. Admittedly a very well put together parody, but I don't think it's real.
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