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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bought the Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde for £1. Got the bike fixed. Bought a video player so I can watch all my old non DVD stuff. Got some of the new Foo Fighters songs from here. And I'm wearing a pink Dastardly and Muttley tshirt.

I love thrift stores. I got a Paul Frank T-Shirt for £3, and the Dastardly and Muttley one for £4. I also got a fantastic calculator/digital watch right from the 80's for £3.50 from the Cancer Research shop in West Bridgeford. Hen found it. thanks Hen!


I love thrift stores because I love not looking like everyone else. I love not wearing an advert for a major clothing manufacturer. (You could argue that's what Paul Frank is, but I think of Paul Frank as being a branded visual artist instead of styleless picture of people playing Polo used as a visual identifier). I love walking down the street and not looking like anyone else : not being identifiable, not being able to be picked up from the high street. My style is harder to find. Anyone can buy fashion. Style is individual. And some people just haven't got it.


That watch is brilliant.

Sadly 2007 is overall, the worst year I have had of my adult life since 2000, and possibly worse than that even. Good news is LONG overdue. How are you?

Agree about 2007. I'll be glad to see the back of it. Even my holiday turned into a disaster. When I finally saw Junction 8 of the m20 I wanted to cry with relief :)
"How are you?"

Pissed off. Just spotted 5 mins ago that Carina Round is playing in Athens, Ohio (very cool place where Casey went to university) tonight... had I realised this even a couple of hours earlier, we'd most definitely have been there. Sadly it's a 3 hour drive through windy country roads... no way we can make it.

So right now I am being very gutted!

Other than that... not too bad. Looking for jobs. Not having any luck finding any. Oh well.

And yes, I must get online more... well, I am often online, I just forget to turn MSN on.

I hope 2007 takes a turn for the better... and you are definitely due an infinitely better 2008.
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