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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Good News?
You know I really hoped to have good news? That I gave my all, and really put myself out there, I twisted and turned and preened and pirouetted to make myself more attractive to you? Have I failed?

I didn't get the good news. I didn't get the job.

There is some scant satisfaction in that it has a 95% fail rate at the level I was at, and that most people don't get to the interview level I was at. But I didn't get the job - and that's what hurts.

Pick myself up. Back to the war. I only need one victory.

40 rejections is nothing - 1 success is everything.

sorry about that. I'd be ina foul mood
Well bollocks. That (as those Americans say) sucks.

Next time... stupid bastard employers, you didn't want their damned job anyway. The next one will be better...
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