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Sunday, February 26, 2012
Human Sacrifice

I did as I was told
The job, the degree, the husband, the wife
Mother, father, brother, the good life.
The streets were not filled with flags
No gifted yacht for us
No golden handshake or million pound bonus
Just the queue to sign on
Just one of millions
Our childen cannot eat
Our rent we cannot meat
I worked all my life
But now
the lazy, the feckless, the parasites
Lambasted by millionaires in suits
and by the rich in cabinets

I know. We did our best. We gave our all.
We tore down the Berlin Wall.
We cured disease. We made love.
We sold our muscles. Our hours.
Missed our babies turn into men and women.
We got on our bikes
We paid our dues
A honest days work for a honest days pay
is the cry of the socialist, the extremist,
the radical minority we demand the cosseted salary

But we have hope. We have love.
We have so many things they will never know.
We, there's always someone younger than me.
Cheaper, more willing, more competitive
prepared to starve to win
the race to the bottom
for the wooden prize, the worthless cachet
of poverty through work.

We'll tear down their fears
There is strength in friends and in love
We dare to dream for a better world
For our children and for our peers
For everyone there is.
To be free to live our dreams
To be honest and not be in fear
Of being poor.
Of dying in a dull, pensionless room,
This is war.
Of the rich to crush to poor.

I am a human sacrifice.
Utterly ordinary, amongst the billions.
Just another worthless life.
Just one of six thousand thousand millions.
The wheels go on. The world turns.
We dare to dream.
Trapped in a prison.
But we dare to love.
We dare for a better world.
And we know. We're better than you.
There is strength in each other.
Joy in our hearts.
A dignity that will never sit on a balance sheet.
A morality that will never be counted as a profit.
We are the richest people in the world.
For we, are unlike you.
We, richer than you can ever dream of.
For we have friends. Family. True love.

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