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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
THERAPY? London Brixton Academy 13 April 2012

The last time Therapy? played here, on 17 April 1995, there were riots and burnt out cars. Tonight, part of a four band bill sponsored by a beer company, Therapy? Are seventeen years, eight albums, and two drummers older. But they're here to the end.

And, even though they are not headlining tonight – Skindred (ex-Dub War) are – Therapy? Are a vital proposition. Nicely positing a greatest hits set - “Nowhere”, “Screamager”, “Teethgrinder”, “Isolation”, “Die Laughing!” - alongside half the new record in an aggressive, blistering 50 minute set, Therapy? are a blinding moment. All killer, no filler. From the new record, the angular, pummeling riffs of “Before You, With You, After You”, “Ghost Trio”, “Why Turbulence”, and the lovely “Living In The Shadow Of A Terrible Thing” are dispatched with furious, exact aplomb and greeted as greatest hits they undoubtedly aren't. The band love playing the big rooms : it staggers me that, when lesser mortals remain inexplicably huge, Therapy? managed, sadly, to be buried in the great Britpop/Indie landfill wars of 1997, returning only a third of the size, as the pop kids drifted away and grew up, and got jobs and children. Yes, I was one of them too. But I still came to the shows, and bought the records.

Meanwhile, Brixton doesn't care. The band are received with the kind of happy roar that sounds like Wembley Stadium and feels like CBGB's. Here's another hit! Jump!

And then, as they roar off stage, Brixton empties visibly. Job done. 


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