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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Everything you need to make a monster? .... well. This is a tale of disappointment. My son and I take train journeys. Long ones. He's 7. Yesterday, I thought long and hard about what we would do. An hour alone on a train? Lets make a monster. He loves stuff like that. We could use felt and fur and make a monster and have a story about him, and we would make a mythology about Brian or Bob or Savagepuss, and then after an hour, he would give me a monster we had made together, and a present I would treasure forever. Instead we opened this well packaged present of wrap rage, and found that there simply was not everything we needed. A needle? A small cheap sewing kit? Velcro for the eyes? No chance. And to make a great monster, there wasn't enough. My son was upset. In the end, he made it with mum. He turned to me, and asked instead if we could play Angry Birds on my phone.

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