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Friday, January 25, 2013

Who will you be in 2023?
My first thought was fatter, happier, and older. But realistically, nearer the person I want to be. Life is a journey and really, every day a little bit of the sculpture gets carved away with every experience, until the point where you are finished. You cut out all the bits that don't look like yourself and there you are.

If you could have lunch with anyone who it would be and why?
Very difficult question. When I asked this, almost every answer was that of someone famous. My answer would be a little less obvious : either God, or my Mum. God, I suspect, would not be hungry.

What animal would you be?
Cat. You can be yourself and have autonomy. Also, cats are the highest rung of the reincarnation ladder. Cats get to do largely whatever they like, without the imposition of will of economy, finance, politics, or other things on their back. Cats, doing cat things. Sitting down. Sleeping. Lounging around. This is a cats life, and its not a bad one.

What is a game changer, and why?
The Internet. No longer are we beholden to, and seperated from each other. In one way, you could argue that the Internet seperates, but it also connects. We are no longer limited by where we are, or by time, or geography, or any one of a million other imperfections. We have the power to be in touch with people. Information and opinion is democratised, and the platform is open for human beings to communicate directly without a filter or a medium or anything. For example, previously, for any opinion, any information, to be communicated beyond your circle of friends, someone else – an editor, a publisher, a financier – controlled the means of access. It had to be published, and you had to have access to the publication. Now. Limitless. Anywhere. Anytime. Anything.

3 wishes and order of importance?
1. An end to the finite resources. Where there is no shortage of land, of oil, of food, and where there is no need for conflict, or natural disaster.

2. Tolerance. Live and let live. Whatever you want to do as long as its between consenting parties, and no harm comes to anyone, is cool with me.

3. An end to poverty – spiritiual and financial. So that we are free to explore inner and outer space. Free from the tyranny of work to explore and evolve our minds, our consciousness, to find who we are, what we want to be, and how we want to live.


What is your most treasured possession and why?
The purity of my soul. Who we are is defined by how we act and what we believe. If we don't believe in something we don't have anything. If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. Failing that, my computer hard drive. There's a lot of stuff on that.

What is the one thing you would most like me to know about you?
Don't underestimate me. This is my life. The most important thing that will ever happen to me. I'm not fucking about.

The early bird gets the worm... or the second mouse gets the cheese – why?
There's a difference between leading edge, and bleeding edge. Which one will I be on? I'm for the second mouse. The first gets crushed by the trap. The second has seen the trap, and instead has waited for the impatient to fall on that sword. The risk vs reward barrier always needs to be considered.

Which season are you and why?
Spring. Long days, warm nights, and the promise of things get better in the future. If you could be successful at any job – what would it be and why? Film director with Final Cut. The power to create mythology and stories, to spin fictions and make the world something. That is what I want to do – to make a difference. To see the world a certain way through telling a story, to tell a story, to change the way people think.

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