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Wednesday, June 18, 2014
My Kind Of Town

The Carillion rang across the fields
the quakers, in their boots, walking home
past the village school where as a child
Dame Cadbury came to hear us sing
The piano played in silence
our eyes to our 9 year old feet
the cinema in the chocolate factory
where Telly Savalas said to me

This is my kind of town
The small streets and dreams
I had to get out or be put down
This is my kinda town

Fibreglass King Kong roared
soundlessly to concrete and sky
The Bull Ring where weekend fights
terrorised the shoppers at full time
we waited in lines for the 5pm of “ET”
we bunked the trains and
bought underage pints at the bar
before the boy became the man

No nostalgia, no love
look back only to know
the route we took
from my kinda town
to the future we plucked
from production lines of
steering wheels and Wispas
no longer do we sing
with broken hearts on the night bus home

Trip to Birmingham and RAF Cosford, Feb 2013

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