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Saturday, December 20, 2014
Christmas Listening

Born Slippy. Nuxx. Telematic. (Deep Down Version) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Here's a mashup of lots of remixes of "Born Slippy". Re-edit of that old favourite "Born Slippy", taken from 1995 and 1996 and 2003 single mixes and remixes, featuring elements of "Born Slippy", "Nuxx", "Nuxx (Extended)", "Telematic", "Nuxx (Down Mix)", "Nuxx (Darren Price Mix)/(Remix)", and the "Deep Pan Mix".

Underworld, Pearl's Girl (Bride Boat Version) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

December 2014 re-edit of Underworld's "Pearl Girl", using the available mixes of the tracks including the 1996 "Second Toughest LP Mix", "Short Mix", "Carp Dreams... Koi Mix", "Tin There Remix", "14996 Version" : edited, mixed, and spliced in MixPad and WavePad 20th December 2014 to create one 21 minute 22 second behemoth.

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