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Sunday, January 25, 2015
Underworld, Beaucoup Fish / A Hundred Days Off / Oblivion With Bells, Remixes

Been busy. As I always am. And since life has a kind of structure, there isn't too much navel gazing, nor too many dramas. Have some music I have been working on, remixes of old Underworld songs.

Push (Upstairs, Downstairs Remix) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Remix of Underworld's 1999 single "Push Upstairs", created in MixPad/WavePad December 2014-January 2015, using the following mixes : Underworld LP Version, "Downstairs Remix", "Darren Price Remix", "The Large Unit".

Underworld - Jumbo (747 Remix) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Re-edit / mix of Underworld's "Jumbo" taken from 1999 album 'Beaucoup Fish'. Made using MixPad/WavePad in January 2015. Contains elements from the original LP mix Single Mix, Futureshock Worlds Apart Mix, Rob Rives and Francois Kervorkian Mixes.

Underworld - King of Snake (Venom Mix) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Remix/re-edit of Underworld's "King Of Snake" created January 2015 using Wavepad, MixPad to create a longform version of the track. Compiled from the 1999 LP mix of "King Of Snake", as well as the "Straight Mate", "Barking", "Ashley Beedle", "Slam", "Fatboy Slim", "Rick's Edit", and "Bungalow" mixes, 1999 LP track "Shudder", and the 1997 128kbps MP3 demo that was available on the bands website at one point. Enjoy 28 minutes of wibbly bass, drums, and yelling.

Underworld - Moaner (Broken Robot Mix) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Remix/Re-edit of Underworld's 1997 single "Moaner", made in WavePad/MixPad, created using the 1997 "Long Mix", "Single Edit", "Relentless Legs Mix", "Soundtrack Version" and 1999 "Beaucoup Fish Album Mix".

Underworld - Two Months Off (Vacation Version) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Remix/re-edit of Underworld's 2002 single "Two Months Off", edited and mixed in January 2015 in WavePad/MixPad. Compiled using the 2002 "Underworld Full Length Mix", "King Unique Sunspots Mix", "John Ciafone Mix", "K-Klass Mix", and the "7" Radio Edit Mix"

Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure (Knowledge Adventure 16 Bit Mix) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

14 minute remix / re-edit of Underworld's 2002 track "Dinosaur Adventure 3D", made in WavePad/MixPad January 2015. Source tracks are "Underworld Full Length Mix", "RCM Version", "Funk D Void Mix", "Radio Mix".

Underworld - Crocodile (Big Bite Mix) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Re-edit/remix of Underworld's 2007 single "Crocodile". Mixed + edited in January 2015 in MixPad/WavePad, using the "Underworld Mix", "Radio Edit", "Innervisions Mix", "Pete Heller Remix", "Oliver Huntemann Mix".

Underworld - Beautiful Burnout (Biro The Leggy Extended Mix) by Mark Reed on Mixcloud

Re-edit / Remix of Underworld's 2008 single "Beautiful Burnout", mixed in WavePad/MixPad January 24th 2015. Using elements of the "Underworld Album Mix", "Mark Knight Mix", "Biro The Leggy Mix" edited, resequenced and mixed.

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