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Monday, January 24, 2005
I must not blog. I must not... oops.

Anyway, after Major Dad's take on immigration, I thought I'd add a quick thing. If they paid people more money than they were currently earning, people move to where the money is. I know I did when I came to London. Besides which, isn't the urge to 'better yourself' to quote Little Shop Of Horrors, all about financial empowerment? Isn't the American dream about being rich?

So here goes. It's not that they're coming here taking our jobs, its that companies are giving the jobs to them by paying less money to cheaper immigrants, and selectively enforcing the immigration act when / if they start to be anything more the cheap, silent labour. Paying People is Patriotic. Immigrants do not immigrate and steal jobs : CORPORATIONS STEAL JOBS FROM THE NATIVES.

There you are. Pay is Patriotic.

And that was a plea on behalf of the "looks like I need to retire my gig boots, they're starting to fall apart" party.

lol @ must not blog... i often suffer with diarhoea of the computer myself. But carry on dear, your outpourings are no punishment on our eyes :)
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