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Saturday, June 04, 2005
Our big trip :

1. My "Top Secret" moment.

2. Father And Son (and Lord Bargain and Bargin Princess)

3. What Xander Saw

4. What Swiss Toni Saw

5. A Little Soul, They Might Be Giants, and Gigantic.

6. Xander meets the Kitchen Sink and goes for a swim

7. And Then We Stole His Arms.

8. And Dad forgot his comb. Duh.

9. The Best Thing I Saw All Day. BUT IT WAS LOCKED.

10. And finally...

Look at you, look at you! Xander's gonna love that last pic of you an he, and the one of him without arms. Probably not the one where he is in a sink, though...
These were both wonderful and hilarious, especially poor armless Xander! Thanks for sharing them! :0)
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