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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Sometimes I'm around girls who talk about masturbation, and say things that fail to understand what masterbation is. Like they think that having a wank means they don't love you anymore, or don't fancy you, or don't want you.

Masterbation isn't a replacement for you, or a preference over you. It's a thing men do. We've been doing since the dawn of time, and possibly earlier. There are times when a man has to scratch an itch. Sometimes masturbation is a means to an end, a physical process, like having a shit. And there are sometimes when that lusty beast rears its head, and you can't share it with anyone. They're asleep, or poorly, or have to go to work, or not in the mood, or whatever. Or you haven't shaved, or brushed your teeth, or you haven't got the time, or whatever.

And there you go, you do it. You scratch that itch, and then it's done. It doesn't mean that you're any less loved or wanted. It just means that a physical function was performed, not in preference or replacement.

And what inspired this? A conversation at Christmas. Bloody chuff.

Hows that for a bit of sexing up? Too much, I bet.

all we need now are some pictures of you in a rubber wetsuit, or in lycra and you're guaranteed a captive audience.

There is nothing wrong with the old one in the bed romp, and I agree totally that it does not in the slightest reflect on ones partner and is merely a means to an end (bell end perhaps, snigger)
So here's one woman saying that what's good for the gander is good for the goose. Some women do understand.
i agree completely with the spinsterwitch - despite having less names for the act than men have, women enjoy themselves alone too...ask anne summers.. im sure she'll agree ;)

I'm not talking about personal experience by the way, I've not known anyone in the past three years who thought that the odd of bit of self-love did anyone any harm.
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