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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
7 things I plan to do before I die
1) Retire.
2) Achieve personal happiness and contentment.
3) Change the world, even if its in some tiny way.
4) Join my favourite pop heroes as singer on a reunion tour.
5) Never shave again, yet retain a smooth complexion.
6) Get old before I die.
7) Find some way of avoiding being a regular commuter.

7 things I can do
1) Pontificate.
2) Blog Blog Blog.
3) Talk authoritavely about my work.
4) Eat. My God, I can eat.
5) Write.
6) Make Xander smile by dancing, singing, or well, anything else I can think of.
7) Alphabeticise and file.

7 things I cannot do
1) Swim.
2) Drive legally.
3) Smoke.
4) Get my hair to look anything other than unkempt.
5) Like wearing a suit
6) Dance like Genesis.
7) Stop thinking. I wish i could stop thinking. Just so i could sleep.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1) Personality.
2) Clothes.
3) Hair.
4) Feet.
5) How She Walks.
6) Her CD Collection.
7) Eyes.

7 things I say most often
1) Crikey.
2) Um Um Um.
3) Nooooooooo! (in a Darth Vader voice)
4) Well, that's just weird.
5) Cute high pitched Baby stuff.
6) HEY! Mr X!
7) Kick Ass!

7 celebrity crushes
1) Drew Barrymore.
2) Kate Winslet.
3) Kelly McDonald.
4) Alyson Hanigan.
5) Louise Wener.
6) Kylie.
7) Thora Bitch. er... THORA BIRCH. Damn bloody typos.

I meant to tag 7, like some kind of virus. Here you go, one in the eye for
Gentle Giant, El Fox De Urbano, Dissent In The Red House, By Blood, Not Lifestyle, Beer, And Sex And Chips And Gravy, Genius Without Portfolio, Ming's Nemesis Made Flesh.

PLEASE NOTE : Descriptions of Blogs does not match the URL, have a look on the URL in the linkbar to see if it really is you listed. Besides which, I think I'm going to be describing Blog names eclectically in future.

I so nearly read that last one as Thora Hird...

lol hedgewitch.. ditto!

im stealling the 7's meme btw ;)
aw crappola.

go on then, although I might not tag 7 people.

Thora Bitch???

OK. Maybe slightly sarcastic in "Ghost World".

Good choice though, Sir.

(Apparently her mother is Carol Connors who was a porn star. She was in "Deep Throat", you know. Just thought that you should know that.)
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