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Friday, September 23, 2005
I'm so glad I don't play Warcraft. This had me sniggering in the office. I did know people who did play it. Maybe their characters died? I shouldn't gloat. I can't say I care. But it does sound quite funny to me, hundreds of characters killed by an infected pet. Hooray for plague!

Reminds me of a film with the word "Dogs" in the title. I can't remember exactly what it was called, some animated thing about the adventures of some animals that have escaped from an animal testing place in the late Seventies. Does anyone remember this?

its about the Plague and its got Dogs. Could it be.. Plague Dogs? made by the same team who did watership down? I think so. Made 1983. tanked at boxoffice. Cute dogs are one thing, but disease carrying mongrels escaped from chemcial weapons labs being hunted down by helicopters? maybe not.
I thought it was Plague Dogs, but that seemed FAR too obvious...
What all of the articles seem to leave out is that the characters don't actually die *forever*. When your character dies in WoW, you have to run back to your corpse from a graveyard and resurrect.

Honestly, the plague is more annoying than deadly.
Are you are who I think you are? If you are, then you know exactly who I am talking about. And if you are who I think you are, I haven't forgiven or forgotten you. I do hope you are not the person I knew then - I know I'm not.
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