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Friday, September 16, 2005

Xander is on Rusks, and smiling. I also have a photo of him coughing and sneezing, but his expression looks just like someone in the vinegar strokes.

I was offered a voluntary redundancy today. Since I have been there less than 5 years, and am not aged between 40 and 55, they are offering six months salary if I want to go. If I had been there 28 years, and was 55, I'd be offered 104 weeks salary. The problem is, I need to tell them by october 5th. If I had long enough to look for a job and get an offer by then, I'd jump at the chance and get a windfall. Clear off my debts and get a home deposit. But since I won't, I won't. Anyone want to offer me a job by October 5th?

Dang! I'd still take the 6 months salary, if I was offered. But it's not terribly hard to find a social work job here. (Also social work doesn't pay a lot so I'm not recommending a job switch for you...)

Xander is cute as always.
Oh blimey. I can't offer you a job, I'm afraid. Although I would if I had a spare one.

I'm always wary of job cuts cos it means there's fewer jobs all round. And what happens to the work you did? I have refused voluntary redundancy before - at the time it meant cuts to frontline local authority services as well as me being out of work.

But your offer is a really massive redundo payment - far bigger than usual. I'd be sorely tempted to go for it if six whole months' pay was coming my way. I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

I'm inclined to think you've already answered the question: given more time, you'd jump at the chance. Well, with six months' pay, you've actually got a fair bit of time... sounds like you're ready and able to jump.

Good luck whatever you decide.

it's a pretty generous offer, that. If you can find a new job on the same wages within six months, take the money and spend some time with that rusk-eating smiler. And the baby.
hello. I'm running a bit behind, but I'm trying to catch up.

Wow - you win an award and then they offer you VR. Nice. Worth thinking about, surely.

Where have you got to with this?? Any decisions?? What does mrs reed think?

(great pic of Xander, as always)

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