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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
16 days of photographs.
The day of the move.

At home. Looks like Xander likes it.

He likes crawling.

And having a stare off with cats in the Church Yard.

444.1 Per Cent. Your eyes do not lie.

Thai's R Us is real. You doubters.

That's Mother-In-Law, and Xander's Mother.

That's Father-In-Law, Ellen, and (in the buggy) Xander.

The courtyard to a closed cathedral.

With Grandad.

The Imperial War Museum, or a Dalek?

... the War Museum is an odd place.

And this is the author's message.

now, here's the boy in the flying bike?

A scale model of Auschwitz. Little is as sobering.

A nameplate for a first world war trench.

London At Christmas

America and Enlightment are polar opposites.

Would any enlightened people know where this is? It is not a spaceship.

Father in Law and some red British things.

"Would any enlightened people know where this is? It is not a spaceship."

That, sir, is the atrium of the British Museum.

Fantastic place. Absolutely beautiful.

Great photos. Xander looks such a merry little chap!
Of course it is! But not many people know it.
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