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Thursday, February 01, 2007
the war against intelligence.

The other week I had the misfortune to listen to The View doing Same Jeans (You Tube link here). Shall we examine the opening couplet?

"I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now
I’m going to a disco in the middle of town"

Anyone care to guess what I'm about to say? No? Ok. Here we go. What a shit shit shit brainless vaccous braindead dumb fucking lyric. Words in songs aren't just verbal graffitti : they aren't just treating the voice as an extra instrument where it doesn't actually matter what is being said.

I know they are only 18, but even at 18, I wasn't as pigshit dumb as this to think such lazy, vapid couplets were of any worth at all.

I hate dumb music. And if the lyrics are shit, it IS dumb. What happened to aspiration? What happened to ideas? What happened to poetry? What happened to trying to help understand life, what happened to art? In 16 lines you can write something as perceptive and important as "Aubade", or something as plain pigthick as "Same Jeans."

Why do people aspire to mediocrity? You ask for nothing... and that's exactly what you'll get.

The new Kaiser Chiefs single has an equally vacuous lyric in the second verse.

It's that bad I can't be arsed looking for it to post here.

I agree, The View are shocking.
Blimey, it's like a school project gone awry.
For a second I thought you were referring to 'Auberge', the Chris Rea song.

"Why do people aspire to mediocrity? You ask for nothing... and that's exactly what you'll get" would make a great Moz lyric.
I didn't even know there was a Chris Rea song of such a title..
I think "Same Jeans" is a great little pop record, and I don't much care if the lyrics are dumb.

"Auberge", however - now there is a great record. I always sang along and inserted the words "Youth Hostel" (which of course doesn't fit) when I got to the chorus.

It was fun in my house. Honest.
I'm with Lord B on this one. (It's not often we agree about music, but there we are!)
The mundane is there to make the genius look better.
...that's not good enough Lithaborn, not good enough at all.
C'est la vie.

If we all wrote like Larkin, he'd be mundane.
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