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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Diversity is an odd thing. Every interview I've been in recently, I've been asked about it - what's my stance on it? Apparently, saying I discriminate only on the grounds of ability isn't good enough. Oddly enough the one interview where I said that I have suffered discrimination because of my lifestyle choices I did get the job. Let us say that, and it's probably no secret, that oranges are not the only fruit. In future, my diversity questions will be rather more... open, I suspect. I am to a certain extent relatively discreet about the sexual aspect of my life : not that there is anything to hide, but because it's not of interest to anyone apart from myself. I don't care if someone's black or white, male or female, straight or gay. As long as they're not a Asshole. - The Urban Dictionary definition of asshole, by the way is "Anyone who doesn't do exactly what you think they ought to do, exactly when you think they ought to do it." (according to the 1990 census, "Wanker" is the 53,492nd most common surname in the United States)

Now.. I've filled in a few diversity forms, and they all look the same to me : a confabulation of choices to describe non-white backgrounds down to the upteenth degree, yet all 'White' people are lumped in under this one banner of "any white background". You know the cliche - all white people look the same. Where's my diversity? Being a white male - part of what is insultingly called 'dominator' culture - I am apparently oppressing people by virtue of the fact that I am something I have no control over. Don't even get me on the whole apologising for slavery debacle. I have nothing to apologise for.

i'm a white -Geordie

which is so different from you

White -southern puff
Actually, I'm White - Brummie .... but I'll take what I can get.
exactly, birmingham....south of newcastle...therefore soft southern greedy bastard
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