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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
A Strange Day

It was my last day of employment today.

Technically I still have a few days left to run. 6.5 days of leave, in fact. And those days have now started. So I am officially employed for a few more days, I have left.

It was a weird experience. I spent the morning printing off things and tidying up the last few emails. After doing this for six years, it came so fast. I handed over contract documents and had my last meetings. Then, in a room - full of platitudes and unspoken comments acknowledging what they can't say in fear - I handed over a laptop, a passcard, photo ID, a phone, and accessories.

I made clear that I felt very let down by a person who'd rather sacrifice others than stand up for anyone or anything but their own security. It's this that I feel has very much put me in the position I am in.

I felt a tinge of sadness as I passed through the doors for the last time. In fact, if I had myself, I could have shed a tear. I didn't. But it was close.

Closure is goood
New journey, new adventure, good luck my friend.
change is goooood ...
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