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Monday, January 04, 2010
A Pretty Good Year

What was 2009 like? It started crap, and ended ace.
We went to Paris - what an experience. I saw New Kids On The Block.
I had a nervous breakdown and was off work for six weeks.
We stayed in the Loudest Hotel In The World.
I wanted to strangle Bill Gates.
I had Room Service for the first time in my life. IT WAS AWESOME.
We had a brilliant few days in Brighton.
We went to Barcelona, and saw U2.
And two days later, Kraftwerk, in 3D, with cyclists.
I saw one of the greatest double bills of all time.
I went to Dublin for a night. To see U2.
And the Science Museum, and the Dungeness Sound Mirrors. They are AMAZING.
My son and I went to Folkestone Harbour and walked around Rye.
I was walking through Harrods and bumped into a strange golden statue.
My son and I went on the longest small railway in the world, which was the most fun I have had with him, ever.
The three of us went on an amazing Mission Potato.
And OMFG, we had a beautiful baby.

Mark, for what it's worth, I hope you have an even greater 2010. good luck to you and yours
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