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Sunday, January 10, 2010
The Road To Hull Is Paved With Good Intentions

This isn't so much a book as a very long newspaper article : in the nicest sense of the word, Alan exposes the determined malfeasance and abuse of bizarre sub clauses in well intentioned laws to turn this once beautiful country into an over-regulated state of fear where you can arrested for taking a picture of a landmark, and fined for making a gesture at a CCTV camera. The examples here are demonstrations, and there are far too many of them, of how this society has turned into a war waged against the citizens by a culture terrified of independent thought, and who still feel that 'If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear'... even if all you want is some privacy. Like Blue Thudner, the only place that is truly private is the few inches inside your skull. This country must change direction - and not ine the favour of Cameron's Conservative Paradise. The people must be dissolved, because we no longer represent the will of the Government. The tail wags the dog, and we get to pay the taxes. It's a useful book that in many years may serve as a document of the way this nation lost track : the road to hell is paved with good, ignorant intentions. And here we are.

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