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Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Inside Nature's Giants

Ideally aimed at the slightly curious Christmas Market, Inside Natures Giants is a large, glossy, hardback book that will sit on coffeetables and bookshelves without ever being a favourite. The pretext is that of a shint autopsy of some of the world's biggest, and strangest creatures – such as the Giant Squid, Polar Bear, Crocodile, and so forth. Whilst there is plenty of text and photography, both are somewhat slender in substance. The Giant Whale, for example, gets a fold out with a skeleton illustration drawn over it, but by and large, it is not a fascinating read. On a base level, whilst you are spared the undoubtedly revolting smell, there are photographs of dismembered animals that are just now lumps of meat which is somewhat gruesome on occasion, though never quite overdone.

On the other hand, if you are a curious child (say aged 10 or 12), this is is an ideal book to flick through on Christmas morning and consider that there are animals in the sea three times the size of your £400,00 London flat.

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