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Sunday, December 27, 2020
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 35 : U2's "Rattle And Hum"... or U2's worst mixtape? 27 December 2020

Notcast Episode 35 : 45 minutes about U2's "Rattle And Hum" - the film, the album, the documentary, and the live and studio albums that never were. Two episodes in ONE day? What fresh hell is this? Look, it's 2020 - and nothing is normal now. Here I discuss the film, the album, the VHS, the VCD, the DVD, the Blu Ray, the non-existence of a Deluxe Edition or reissue, the singles, the B-sides, the "U2-3D Dance Mixes" 12", The Lovetown Tour, the "U2 2 Date" promo LP, and briefly "The Best Of 80-90". My alternate tracklisting for the live and studio albums are listed in the comments. Also, thanks to everyone on Twitter who gamely discussed the album without knowing I was going to use you as fuel for this! Next episode :...... Not sure, maybe Suede, maybe Pet Shop Boys, maybe Joy Division? What do you reckon?

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