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Monday, December 28, 2020
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 36 : Suede's "Dog Man Star" and its role in a very traumatic event. 28 December 2020.

Notcast Episode 36 : 28 December 2020. 45 minutes about Suede's "Dog Man Star". This one can get heavy going, especially at the end so Trigger Warning here : grief and death. Here I talk about Suede's "Dog Man Star", the name change to The London Suede, "Stay Together", Live in Blackpool 1994, "We Are The Pigs", Richard Oakes, "The Wild Ones", "New Generation", how Britpop was a bit rubbish - sorry, I was there and it was shallow and often stupid -, and live shows in Brighton, Leicester, and a very, very traumatic night in Blackpool/Birmingham where I watched someone come very close to death. The last 10 minutes or so are very heavy viewing, so I won't mind if you make an exit before then at all.

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