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Sunday, September 05, 2021
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 136 : R.E.M.'s "Automatic For The People", 1992. 05 September 2021.

Notcast Episode 136 : It's 1992, and R.E.M. release their 15,000,000 selling "Automatic For The People" (which, if it were a country, would be the 73rd biggest country in the world!). This episode I talk about the album, the lyrics, the not-nostalgic references to a time past, celebrity, fame, cultural reference points from childhood, the singles "Drive", "Man On The Moon", "The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite", "Everybody Hurts," "Nightswimming" and "Find The River", b-sides, The Automatic Box, the demos, the Live At The 40 Watt Club release, the 2005 5.1 mix, the 2017 Dolby Atmos mix, a glorious U2/REM collaboration, Montgomery Clift, and the rusting Sputnik Star on a pole outside a motel in Miami! 05 September 2021.

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