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Thursday, March 03, 2022
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 186 : Pet Shop Boys "Agenda" + "HotSpot" album, 2019-2022. 3rd March 2022.

Notcast 186! Pet Shop Boys released a surprise EP "Agenda" in early 2019, and their 19th studio LP "HotSpot" on 24th January 2020 : two months later Covid happened and everything went weird. I talk about the Berlin-themed album, Hansa studios, politics in music, social media, the Berlin Metro system, the singles "Dreamland", "Monkey Business", "Burning The Heather", "I Don't Wanna" and the Annually EP's "My Beautiful Laundrette" and "Cricket Wife", as well as the download only "Musik" release. Also, a cat makes an appearance! 03 March 2022.

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