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Thursday, March 10, 2022
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 188 : R.E.M.'s "Reveal" 2001. 10 March 2022.

Notcast Ep 188 : In 2001, R.E.M. released their twelfth album, "Reveal", and not everybody loved it. I don't! It's got lots of good songs on, but lots of Not Good songs as well. I discuss the album, the lyrics, 'CD Bloat', the early configuration of the LP, an unreleased song, acoustic versions, singles, REM.ix remixes, fan club releases, the "Unplugged" 2001 album, and the Live In Cologne/R.E.M.T.V DVD box set. Oh, and lots of packaging and graphic design. 10 March 2022

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