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Sunday, May 22, 2022
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 202 : R.E.M "In Time"/"Around The Sun" 2003-2004. 22 May 2022.

It's 22 May 2022, It's Notcast 202, It's dark, and we're wearing an R.E.M. T-Shirt. "HIT IT!" Today I talk about R.E.M. 2002-2004, the "In Time" compilation, singles "Bad Day", "Animal", "Leaving New York", "Aftermath", "Wanderlust", "Electron Blue", the "Around The Sun" album, 5.1 DVD's, Box Sets, fan club singles, a weird 3" promo CD, ostentatious packaging, the "Perfect Square" concert DVD, and I interrupt this programme to sneeze in the middle! 22 May 2022.

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