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Monday, May 23, 2022
NOTCAST Ep 203 : Underworld's "Everythingeverything" gets its 23rd birthday 1999-2000. 23 May 2022.

Notcast EP 203 : on 23rd May 1999, Underworld played live at the Pinkpop Festival, in Landgraaf in The Netherlands (probably my second favourite country in the world), and I wasn't there.. but 23 years later to the day, I am talking about Underworld's "everythingeverything" live CD and DVD recorded at the show and some others in Brussels, Cologne, Manchester, London, Wolverhampton, Fujirock in Japan, and elsewhere. I talk about the bands live shows, how they worked, the fluid setlists, and how a flash of a concert hall can bring back memories as strong as if we were back there again. 23 May 2022.

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