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Wednesday, June 01, 2022
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 207. pt.1 : "Purple Train, Purple Train" 01 June 2022.

Notcast Ep 207 pt.1 : "Purple Train, Purple Train"..... The Elizabeth Line is OPEN, and you know what that means, every train spod in the world is doing a YouTube video about a shiny new train line. I'm not one of those, but as a human male, I am obliged to be interested in trains, planes, engines and technology. It cost £18.9bn with 1m journeys in the first week, so so far, each journey costs... £18,900. Come see what a £18,900 train journey gets you! In short : it's clean, doesn't smell, and it's fast. Mmmmm, shiny! The sound is terrible on this. 01 June 2022.

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