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Tuesday, June 14, 2022
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 211 : Metallica's "Black Album" + a big box set ... 1991-1993. 14 June 2022.

Notcast Ep 211 : 16th June 1991 saw the completion of Metallica's fifth studio LP, widely known as the "Black Album", and the first single "Enter Sandman" changed their world forever. I talk through the album, the singles "Unforgiven", "Nothing Else Matters", "Wherever I May Roam", and "Sad But True", the "Live Sh!t" box set, live shows, demos, the 2021 superduper huge box set, and being a Metallica fan in 1991. This is a classic Rock LP, but not a great Metallica album. "Originally it wasn't going to be a glove, I tell you." 14 June 2022.

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