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Sunday, September 04, 2022
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 230 : Suede's "The Blue Hour" 2018-2019. 4 September 2022

Notcast Ep 230 : Suede released their eight studio album - "The Blue Hour" - in 2018, and I take a deep dive into these dense record with recurring lyrical and musical motifs, obscure inspirations, and a linked narrative around the transition from childhood to adulthood, growing up in a broken family, and the cycle/circle of life. It's a rewarding, intense album with repeated themes and ideas, and in "Flytipping" one of the best Suede songs of all time. I also talk through the singles "The Invisibles", "Life Is Golden" and "Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You", as well as bonus tracks, box sets, Midlands Heavy Metal, scary kids TV in the Seventies, and the good old threat of Nuclear War. (I run out of time at the end!) 04 September 2022.

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