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Tuesday, December 27, 2022
MARK'S NOTCAST EP 256 : David Bowie's 1993 "Black Tie, White Noise" + "Buddha Of Suburbia" . 27 December 2022.

Notcast Ep 256! 1993 was a busy year for Bowie, and he released "Black Tie, White Noise" in April (... that was somewhat stillborn as his label went under weeks after it came out,) and later, the much overlooked, poor selling, and frankly bloody brilliant "Buddha Of Suburbia" soundtrack album, which was a curious and weird, largely instrumental album of lovely noises that hardly anyone bought at the time. This was Bowie, for the first time, looking back over his history, and his feelings, without any apparent remove or defensive layer. 27 December 2022.

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