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Wednesday, January 18, 2023
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 265 : David Bowie takes us "Outside"... 1994-96. 18 January 2023.

Released in 1995, David Bowie's 20th studio album "1.Outside" is pretty bonkers. A non-linear Gothic Hypercycle (whatever one of those is), his first studio double album, a full 19 songs of art, murder, literary and artistic allusions, bizarre spoken word segues, full on industrial metal and artrock, it's a strange, wild, and weird trip through Bowie's mindset of the end-of-the-millennium Lynchian worldview, influenced by "Twin Peaks", cop shows, and a whole bunch of weird stuff, including a double headline tour with Nine Inch Nails, three posthumous live albums, a whole bunch of box sets, and a re-recorded single with Pet Shop Boys. When the going gets weird, the weird release a non-linear Gothic Hypercycle! 18 Jan 2023.

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