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Wednesday, February 08, 2023
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 267 : Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" 2007. 08 February 2023

16 years ago this week, Nine Inch Nails started their "Year Zero" campaign, a dense, futuristic album - and augmented reality experience - that detailed a logical conclusion of a post 9/11 authoritarianism world where God, Guns and Greed controlled and defined the world, and where a mysterious entity called The Presence proved the existence of a power beyond humanity. This period featured one retail single - "Survivalism" - a second limited single, "Capital G", a remix album, as well as callbacks to unfinished old songs, drum patterns, motifs and ideas from other albums, and a surely not-a-coincidence set of images from "The Fragile" album. Another Version Of The Truth is here.... 08 February 2023.

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