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Saturday, April 08, 2023
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 281 : David Bowie's "Hours...." + "Live At Glastonbury 2000", 08 April 2023.

Notcast 281! Again, I am talking to my phone about my records. This time it's David Bowie's 1999 album "Hours...", singles "Thursday's Child", "Seven" and "Survive", the five live albums - "VH-1 Storytellers", "BBC 27 June 2000", "Live In Paris 1999", "Live At The Kit Kat 1999", and the "Live At Glastonbury" 2CD/DVD, as well as the numerous songs for the "Omikron : The Nomad Soul" video game, all of which are Bowie looking back over his life as he passed the peak of his 50th birthday and took stock of what was, and what his life has been and could be. I didn't connect with this album at the time, and it's only as I get older I start to see what was really happening. 08 April 2023.

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