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Monday, October 02, 2023
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 321 : Pink Floyd's 1971 - "Relics", "Meddle" + "At Pompeii" 02 October 2023.

Pink Floyd's sixth studio album - "Meddle" - came out 52 years ago this month, in October 1971 - and I feel OLD. Well, I don't, really. But this album is older than me! I talk through the recording of the album at Abbey Road and Air, the need for 16-track studios, live shows, European copyright laws, Italian bootleg labels, a cut price compilation in "Relics", the "Early Years" box set, the worst - and best - Pink Floyd songs, the "Live At Pompeii" Laserdisc and DVD and Bluray, the "Meddle" album itself, a Japanese 7", and a serendipitous link to a Stanley Kubrick film. And a hidden 5.1 mix! 02 October 2023.

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