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Monday, November 06, 2023
MARK'S NOTCAST Ep 330 : Morrissey goes solo with "Viva Hate" in 1988. 06 November 2023.

And further into the fog we fall... Morrissey released his first solo LP ("Viva Hate", or ... if you're in Australia "Education In Reverse"), in 1988, with an uncertain future, not knowing if he would be successful or disappear into obscurity, exploring three lyrical obsessions - the end of a relationship, the shadow of history and legacy, and post-fame identity - with new musicians, a new writing partner, and a number of obscure, unreleased-for-decades songs that slipped out on reissues over the years. This is a fascinating period, and I dart around talking about managed decline, Liverpool, the end of something, the start of something else, life under Conservative rule (sound familiar?) and anything else I can think of. 06 November 2023.

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