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Sunday, June 24, 2007
"Regard All Art As Useless And Bourgeoisie"

Today has been quite quiet. Up early, eating bananas, watching Roary The Racing Car, making train sets, and sharing Malted Wheaties with Xander. I changed his nappy and dressed him. We hung out as Mum slept. Then E got up, and the two of them went for a walk. X brought me a flower from the garden, with a big smile on his face. X and I went for a sleep in the afternoon. I was looking forward to BBC3 showing The Manics at Glastonbury (lasting one hour between 7.00 and 8.00pm apparently). In the end they showed 5 minutes : useless 'tards. Watch Glastonbury Coverage here.

Since Glastonbury is almost over, here's an apposite quote describing it. "Rock n Roll isn't a youth movement anymore. It is a middle aged lifestyle".

Some links :
Interview with Rolling Stone Political Editor Matt Taibbi.. "Vince D’Onofrio falls between a subway car and the subway platform and he gets stuck there, with the train basically holding his guts in. The medics come in and they look at him and realize that if they move the train at all, his guts are going to fall out and he’s going to die. But if they do nothing, he’s going to slowly lose blood pressure and die. Either way, he’s going to die. Iraq is Vince D’Onofrio."

Interesting article about the MPAA and a similar but much more contemporary article.

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