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Saturday, June 23, 2007

It’s been a long and busy day. I dreamt of violence and ghosts. I swear in the middle of the night I had the slightest touch of a hangover. I spent a day with a friend in Manchester, and had a meeting in Lancashire. I went to my favourite record shop in Britain (Vinyl Exchange, Manchester), and met friends for lunch. I caught a train back, and almost slept on it. In London, I took the tube down to Waterloo, walked up the newly refurbished Royal Festival Hall. I love it –a public place of art and no small importance. As we sat and discussed job and childrens, a pianist played lounge classic versions of Bowie’s back catalogue and most of Lou Reed’s major works. I caught up with Stuart and Mark. We discussed the eternal dichotomy of time and money. We saw the Jesus and Mary Chain. We danced to “Reverence” and crooned to “Just Like Honey”. I caught the 22.30 train home and began a long weekend.

Meanwhile, some of ye are in Glastonbury. I hope you are having a brilliant time there.

Here is a message from the toilets of Manchester's Night And Day.

That Manchester vinyl store looks like it belongs in "High Fidelity"
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