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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
The Battle For Joy

For some reason I’ve not been able to work out I tend to have a lot of female friends. Possibly in fact, more than male friends, though I’ve never sat down and counted the numbers. I just tend to like people, and I suppose I gravitate towards girls. I don’t really know why. For some reason, now I’m committed, I tend to see beyond the female. Women are asexual. Almost invisible as sexual beings. Almost as invisible as me. In some ways, I was happy to untied from the beast of lust and am now able to enjoy the time dealing with other things.

I’ve been told that I am now seen as asexual by someone I once had the most passionate relationship of my life with. That’s a weird feeling. It’s as if I’ve been switched off.

Wandering through Operation Sandbox, I noticed that a lot of people in it seemed to confess how unhappy they are with their marriages. At lest four or five confessions. It’s a sad state of affairs for them, truth be told. I hope everyone finds the happiness they deserve. There is not enough happiness in this world.

Its because i) you don't own a car / penis substitute and ii)Don't follow sport. therefore, you have common frame of reference with 95% of men.

fact. I have the same problem, in that context and... its great. I am mercifully free from the ravages of sport.
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