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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Complete Control

Remote Controls are the nemesis of my life. Well, that and a two year old boy who takes anything he can think of, moves it somewhere, and then forgets all about it. E has been working today, copping up overtime, and therefore, I've been at home, looking after the little fella. Mainly this has involved doing housework whilst he plays about and around me. My bicycle's front tyre has seemed to sprung a leak, so I tried to pump it up, only to find that someone small had wandered off with the tyre cap and part of the foot pump. Still haven't found the tyre cap, I suspect it might be in the long grass - but I have a spare I used.Tyre's still beyond repair, I'll need to buy a new one and I haven't done that for years.

vaccumed, did the washing up, changed the rabbit hutch, did some work on the bike, shredded some paper with X, not a bad day. Lunch time now. How are you?

Oh, still missing some of the remote controls. Very annoying.

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