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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Curious, Oranj

What Are Numbers Stations?.. a curious world of semi spy-intrigue ..some more information about Numbers Stations, includes details of the broadcasts, and the Wiki page for the Lincolnshire Poacher station
Dr Who Jumps The Shark - IS IT? BOVVERED? FOOK OFF!
The BBC discuss UFO's
A fairly compelling argument for why 'Sicko' is undisputably correct.
What type of snorer are you?

Hmm... I see what you mean about Catherine Tate in "Doctor Who", because I am hardly a fan of the lady myself, but neither was I a fan of Billie Piper when she was cast, so I think it is going to be a case of wait and see.

Catherine Tate's character Donna was changing at the end of "The Runaway Bride". I think it might be interesting to see what she has become.
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