(Planet Me)
Sunday, July 22, 2007
first reactions?
1. [Beer] everything in moderation, except excess
3. [Relationships] are not the cure
4. [Purple] Rain.
5. [Power Rangers] arse
6. [Weed] why do you think they call it dope?
7. [Steroids] for losers. I fake it so real I am beyond fake
8. [Cartoons] rock n' roll
9. [The President] a man at war with his own country
10. [Tupperware] kitchen
11. [Florida] miami
12. [Santa Claus] is coming to town
13. [Halloween] John Carpenter
14. [Bon Jovi] ..poodle haired cunt
15. [Grammar] I was never taught about verbs
16: [Myspace] I prefer Facebook, and am therefore middleclass
17. [Worst fear] unhappiness. i am living my fears.
18. [Marriage] married/buried.
19. [Paris Hilton] scum.
20. [Pat] Jess
21. [Redheads] natures finest.
22. [Blondes] suicide
23. [Pass the] "the russian pass the port"
24. [One night stand] ...not ideal but everything has to start somewhere
25. [Donald Trump] has a very unusual worldview. When bankrupt, he looked at a tramp and said.. "He's worth $100 million more than I am"
26. [Neverland] a fragment.
27. [Pixie stix] wtf?
28. [Vanilla ice cream] chocolate
29. [Hooters] crap
30. [High school] 1989
31. [Pajamas] bananas
32. [Woods] the murderer is in the woods
33. [Wet Socks] you bloody what?
34. [Computer] i programme my home computer. i beam myself into the future
35. [Love] is not enough

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