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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Henry Rollins for President. Stephen Fry for Prime Minister.

Yesterday has not been a bad day. After work I was due to meet Yoko Spungeon, and we were planning to visit the Antony Gormley exhibition at the Southbank. Yoko was able to meet for 6pm, and we thought rather than rush we’d do the decent British thing and sit down and have a nice cup of tea and a natter before we got any further. Behind us sat Operation Soapbox, an intruiging art project which was the backdrop to our catch up session.

Gossip was exchanged. Nonsense talked. Nonsense is always good.


The Gormley exhibition closed at 6pm, so we had to scrap that and may go another day. Instead we wandered around Operation Soapbox : 1,462 wooden boxes stacked between 2 and 6 boxes high in a maze. Visitors are encouraged to write their thoughts on pieces of paper and insert them into the boxes, or attach them to the boxes. More, many many more, wrote on the boxes for themselves, revealing how truly brilliant and diverse even the most ordinary mind is. One box was clearly labelled “THE ARK IS IN HERE”. Spielberg would be proud.

“I was looking for a box and I found a box… and heaven knows I’m miserable now” on another. Later on I saw at least three separate quotes from Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy. Probably my favourite simply said “Gordon’s Alive?!…..”. I added, on a seperate piece of paper, it’s precursor : ‘Dispatch War Rocket Ajax To Bring Back His Body’


Brian Blessed will live forever in our hearts. I added my own contributions – a bare faced confession in unrecognisable handwriting. I also draw a picture of Elvis, and stated “I LOVE RABBITS”. As well as, on the entrance doorway, one particularly important adage : “Henry Rollins for President. Stephen Fry for Prime Minister.”

By the time we’d finished, everything was closed : The Topoli exhibition round the corner from Waterloo, the Tate Modern. Earlier on, I walked through the County Hall, which was host to The Star Wars Exhibition, primarily to get a feel for what it was and how much it might cost. I walked past Darth Vader in the corridor. He seemed a little taller than normal.


Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?” seemed an odd thing to say, and of course, inaccurate. I chose not to speak. Damn my British reserve. I could have got a picture with Darth.

Still, I invited a blogger to come with me to see the exhibition. I wonder if he will take me up on the offer. There’s always time.


I do quite fancy the exhibition, how long's it on for and how much does it cost?

PS. Sorry for not replying to your text but I was in the middle of things at the time and I have the memory of a stunned gnat. Best to email this sort of thing to me, I actually look at that inbox now and again! :-)
yoko looks fabulous! smart, sassy... the girl's got it!

That quote is from Flash Gordon, not Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.. look forward to seeing you guys soon.
don't try to outgeek me Carla!I meant I saw three seperate quotes from "Hitchhikers" ("42", "Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so", and "Get me a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster") and that quote is obv. "Flash Gordon AH-Ha! He's Gonna Save Everyone Of Us!"
Yay it was grand to see you!!

Thanks for a nice diversion on a wet evening.
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