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Monday, July 09, 2007
A Past Life

Inspired by another bloggers post, I was going to write about marriage and divorce and how I am divorced, which is something I neither expected or wanted. I checked, because I thought I'd done it before, and I wrote about Marriage #1 here. Really, I have nothing to add to that. It seems a lifetime ago, a sad and preventable tragedy made of human failings. Still, it happened, and its a very long time ago now, and I'm glad it's all over. It was the biggest mistake I ever made, and truth be told, I think I knew or felt it was a mistake even as I was driving to the wedding. But it was too late to change, and I wasn't sure I wasn't doing the right thing at the time. Everybody makes mistakes. It was one of mine. You learn from your mistakes, and the bigger the err, the larger the lesson. I learnt a lot from that.

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