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Monday, July 02, 2007
Links du jour
Iggy Pop's rider is a damn good read... recommended.
Celebrities as children..exactly what it says on the tin.
49 things no man over 30 should do... well, oops, I've done several of these.
The Top 100 Star Trek Episodes..Where's the Tribbles?
Volkswagon's secret test track has the longest strait on the planet...9 miles is a long way.
HMV transformation plan.. interesting
The death of the physical format?..curious reading, an eternal battle.
The end of Beanos? - the biggest 2nd hand store in Europe.
Berwick St Graveyard.. the death of the 2nd hand store in London. Sad, sad news.

*49 things no man over 30 should do*

Multiple guilt on that one!
I've done 9 of them myself..
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